Monday, June 29, 2015


I have used an application called Grab to create a screenshot.  It does not have the capabilities as Jing or printkey2000.  Both allow characters such as lines or arrows or call outs added to a picture.  It is quite cool!  When I went to the jing website, I was directed to  I was not sure how what to do next.  Any ideas?  When I went to the prinkey2000 website, I noticed that it is free for 30 days then you have to pay.  Also, it is for Windows and not a MacBook.  So I will continue to use Grab for my screen shots.


  Wow!  Well this is a cool tool!  I often wondered how the online tutorials created the videos.  Now, I know.  I now have an additional tool to use when I have a sub.  I could create a screencast and have the sub project the screencast or provide a link to my screencast.  I love it!!  Create a screencast

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Digital Portfolios

I love the idea of students using a digital portfolio to show their work.  Their are so many ways to showcase student work.  This is the first time that I am using a blog to showcase my work.  I think this class will give me ideas to use in my computer application class.  Maybe I will have my students create a wiki to showcase their work!

Classroom Management

For this activity, I enjoyed watching the video 6 Topics to Teach Every Lesson.  First, my hs students are very active digital citizens.  They are aware of bad or unreliable websites, they know how to use the internet for research, and they could probably know more about technology than I do.  When students have a computer, they are checking email, social media, music, games, etc.  All these activities are off task.   I would like to teach my students the right and wrong time to do the above off task activities.  Quite often, I see my students multitasking.  They are trying to complete my assignment while doing another assignment.  Second, I would also like my students to use the internet and their peers to help them problem solve.  In this way, they are creating their own personal learning network.


After reading two articles, Authentic Assessment Tools and Common Core Ways to Assess Knowledge, watching a video, How to Grade Technology, and reviewing a lesson plan, Khan lesson plan, I noticed several themes.  Students need to be graded on their effort.  Learning a new technology can be challenging for any learner.  If you read some of my discussion posts, you would notice that I ask a lot of questions.  I embrace learning new tools and will spend hours working with the new tools to learn how they work.  My product may not be finished but at least I show a significant amount of learning.  My students do the same.  Quite often, I find that they are learning from each other and teaching themselves new ways to use the tool.  Sometimes, they are able to teach me something new.  For this reason, I often struggle with due dates.  How can I mark a project late or incomplete when I know that my students are giving 100%?
I will employ some of the Criterias for Assessments as mentioned in the video.  In particular, I would like my students to remember what I have taught them during the semester.  Too often, students will raise their hand and want me to show them how to do something that was taught earlier in the year.  As a teacher, I want to help them.  But, I also want them to be problem solvers.  I would like them to use the resources available to them such as researching on the internet or asking a friend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello.....I am interested in incorporating more technology in my high school math classes.  I also teach a computer application class and I hope to incorporate video learning, problem solving, digital citizenship and other technologies.  I am eager to learn about web tools.  I have learned how to use mindmeister, animoto, edmodo, and other web tools.  I hope to find more web tools to teach math.  I have limited resources.  I have used g(math) and desmos.  If you have other web tools for math, please let me know.  I look forward to an engaging class in which I will be able to use what I learn in my fall classes.
My goal is to keep a blog with the links of the projects that I have created so far.  Yes, they will be a work in progress.  As I take more classes, I would like to add more projects.  My biggest challenge is remembering all of the usernames and passwords associated with each one.  I thought I used the same one each time......any suggestions?
This year, I began to take many classes involving web tools.  I learned so much so far and hope to continue learning forever.  Since technology is changing, there will always be something to learn.  Anyways, this is my journey.  When I first began, I did not know how to create a blog.  With the help of Richard Byrne, I created a blog/website for my personal finance Personal Finance website/Blog