Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Classroom Management

For this activity, I enjoyed watching the video 6 Topics to Teach Every Lesson.  First, my hs students are very active digital citizens.  They are aware of bad or unreliable websites, they know how to use the internet for research, and they could probably know more about technology than I do.  When students have a computer, they are checking email, social media, music, games, etc.  All these activities are off task.   I would like to teach my students the right and wrong time to do the above off task activities.  Quite often, I see my students multitasking.  They are trying to complete my assignment while doing another assignment.  Second, I would like my students to cite images and music if needed.  It is only recently that I knew that images had to be cited.  I am still unclear how to cite them.  It will be important for me to discuss Fair Use rights with my students this semester.  Do the images available through Creative Commons have to be cited?  As long as permission is granted, one can use an image as long as it is cited?
I also read the article "22 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Classroom".  I liked all the ways and the article made me think of a great opening question for my students:  Choose something that you feel that you are good at, then describe why you are good at it and how you got good at it.  I hope that my students would provide a complete explanation and understand that in order to be good at something you have to practice.  I feel that the suggestions in the article would be outlined in a class discussion.  
I also read the lesson plan on Blogging.  Last year, I experimented with a classroom blog.  I allowed a few opportunities to blog.  I had my students watch videos and they had to comment on the videos.  I also had my students comment on an assignment in which they were graded on.  After reading their comments, I decided to grade them in a different way.  I was impressed with my student responses.  I hope to use a blog again this year.

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