Monday, August 10, 2015

Web Tools

Today, I had so much fun exploring and setting up a Wiki for my students.  I will use the Wiki as a Digital Portfolio.  I am not sure if this topic should be Digital Portfolio:)  Anyways, each of my students will have a Wiki page in which they will introduce themselves, state their email and twitter handle.  Sound familiar, Jacqui Murray?  One of their assignments will be to watch a video on Digital Citizenship.  Then students will find an article or video that relates to the video they watched.  They will post it on a designated Wiki page. Then each student will comment on two other students' posts. Students will use their Wiki page as a Digital Portfolio.  Another introductory assignment will be to create a google slide presentation about their summer vacation.  They will place the link in their digital portfolio.  Again, my students will be able to view and comment on each other's work.  I love this!  

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