Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tech Problems

By the time students arrive to high school, they have figured out how to fix most of their computer issues.  If the mouse does not work, they change it for another.  This may not be the best solution but it is the quickest form them.  If the keyboard has missing keys, they swap it for another.  
My students have problems with the tool such as Microsoft Excel.  If we are entering formulas, they may forget to put an equal sign in.  If there answer is wrong, they entered the formula incorrectly.  These are all typical mistakes.  I will have them work with a partner to determine the mistake.  I encourage them to work together.


  1. Does the 'swapping' approach work at home? Do they have spares like that around? How about a library? Maybe they simply go to a different station?

    Ah, the throw-away society.

    So many mistakes--like the ones you've mentioned--are user-errors. Excel isn't broken; the user simply needs to debug their actions. It's great to have them work with a partner. Often that person brings fresh eyes.

  2. I think most of my students have laptops at home. No mouse is needed. Its not really their fault if the keyboard is missing a key.....teachers need to be more aware of who is destroying school property. It can be difficult with many other concerns in a 45 minute period.

  3. If problems persist, we also do the "swap" routine....only because of time limits. I try to ensure that the problem is fixed for the next day.