Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Problem Solving

After reading the article on Minecraft, it seems like its a good tool to incorporate in a curriculum.  It emphasizes reading, writing and problem solving skills.  Problem solving is based on the  Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices.  Reading skills are based on Common Core Reading Strategies.  I have seen it used as a supplement in an elementary computer literacy class.  Unfortunately, I am unable to try it myself without purchasing it.:(
As mentioned problem solving involves Common Core 8 Mathematical Practices.  Students will often face real life problem solving issues.  The example in the article is true to life.  Right now, I am in the process of deciding whether to purchase a Smartphone or Ipod for my teen age daughters.  I have not reached a decision yet because I am weighing the pros verse the cons.  Any suggestions?
I love the idea  of create a How To on a wiki site.  My students will use a Wiki site as their digital portfolio.  I will add a page called "How To" for students to pose a screencast or instructions on problems they encounter in class.

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