Sunday, August 23, 2015

Common Core & Tech Activity

For my project, I chose to use Edmodo.   Edmodo is a type of LMS in which students and teachers can collaborate, stay organized, and access assignments and grades. This LMS is similar to Google Classroom except it does offer practice multiple choice questions to Common Core standards.   In Edmodo, there is an option to create Snapshots.  Once a new Snapshot is created, I can create multiple choice assessment based on Common Core Standards for the appropriate grade level.    For example, my students will learn about functions.  This is an 11th grade domain in Common Core.  There are several standards within the domain.  I selected the first standard and my students will take a  multiple choice assessment based upon this standard.  There are  4 questions.  The questions were not created by Smarter Balance.  Hence, the questions are an interpretation of the standards.  I like my students to have questions worded in different ways to increase their comfort level of the material and to exercise their minds.   Throughout the year, my students will be asked to use excel and their graphing calculator.  The questions created on Edmodo are supplemental to our curriculum but nonetheless important in the learning process.  I will assign them as additional homework problems or as warm-up problems. 

After reading How to Achieve Common Core with Tech: the Math Strand, I look forward to using some of the Excel projects in my Computer Application course.  Thank you, Jacqui, for the great ideas!

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